Manse Barn Fire
By Assistant Engineer Geoffrey Dick
March 3, 2022

Last night March 3rd, just before 10:30pm the Tappan Fire Department was dispatched to the Tappan Reformed Church- Manse Barn for an automatic alarm. Within minutes of dispatch Chief Tom Abraham (21-1) arrived on scene and confirmed there was a working fire on the rear side of the building. 21-1500 and 21-1502 arrived on scene shortly after and immediately went to work stretching hand lines into the building focusing on the kitchen area. The bulk of the fire was knocked down and process of ventilation and overhaul began.

This building has many different uses as a daycare, preschool, church hall and a catering company kitchen

Thank you to the Sparkill, Piermont, Orangeburg, Pearl River Fire Departments for your assistance on scene. Thank you to the Northvale Fire Department for standing by at our firehouse and to Closter FD for their MSU to fill air bottles and Thank You to the South Orangetown Ambulance and Rockland Paramedics medic 21 that were also on scene.

All departments were clear from the scene just around 1am and there were no injuries to report.

Units: 21-1, 21-2, 21-3, 21-4, 21-5 , 21-1500, 21-1502, 21-EQ
Mutual Aid: Sparkill Fire Department, Piermont Fire Department, Orangeburg Fire Department, Pearl River Fire Department, Northvale Fire Department, Closter Fire Department, South Orangetown Ambulance Corps.