Never Forget - Det. Jerry Hunt
By Assistant Chief Thomas Abraham
August 12, 2019

The greatest calling of being members of emergency services is being there for the community in their time of need, especially when it is one of our own. On August 9th, Tappan F.D. was requested to setup a landing zone for the NYPD chopper with the Deputy Commissioner on board. He was coming into Tappan to visit the family of Detective Jerry Hunt of the NYPD, who had recently passed away due to 9/11 related illness. Without hesitation, we got a crew together and we were able to support them that day. On Aug. 12, the funeral was being held in town, and we thought no better way to send off Detective Hunt than a 9/11 flag detail for the funeral procession. A big thanks to our mutual aid neighbor Orangeburg F.D. (Dept. 11) and New City F.D. (Dept. 9) for assisting with their tower ladders and manpower. It was a befitting tribute, and a constant reminder of how we will never forget all those that were lost on 9/11 and those that we continue to lose all these years later. Rest in peace Detective Hunt.